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Infectious diseases historically figure as a relevant cause of mortality both in Brazil and worldwide. The morbid conditions that make up this category have an expressive social and economic impact on population development. Their results are poverty, undernutrition, precarious housing, inadequate sanitation, underemployment, and unhealthy living conditions. The upsurge of new diseases and the resurgence of those previously under control, characterizing the phenomenon of emerging and reemerging diseases, add to the morbidity of endemic infectious diseases. They join to the effects of aging and urban violence to play a central role in the demands for public health policies. In such a context, new protagonists are constantly formed by the Graduate Program in Infectious Diseases, potentially transforming the adverse scenario.
Since its founding in 1996, the Program has trained specialists to integrate both the managing and the assisting teams in the institutional efforts for infectious diseases prevention and control. Moreover, the research activities conducted by the several groups of the Program resulted in a long list of scientific publications in the leading international academic Journals, as The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, Scientific Reports, The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Malaria Journal and many more.
The components of the Graduate Program in Infectious Disease are 16 permanent Professors and two collaborators. The Program trains a yearly average of 4.5 Ph.D. students and 6.5 MSc students. The yearly average of publications comprises 44.25 scientific papers.

The Graduate Program in Infectious Diseases has its base on the Center for Health Sciences of the Federal University of Espírito Santo.

The program is based in Vitória-ES, offering and has an academic qualification profile certified by CAPES, receiving on its last evaluation.

The program already has 194 masters and 43 doctors and counts with 62 students regularly enrolled, being 28 in the masters and 34 in the doctorate.

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