Title: Doctor
Research groups: CNPq (Google Translator version)

Participation in projects:

Title Starting datesort descending Deadline (months) Participation in the project
01/08/2010 24 Collaborator *
01/08/2011 24 Coordinator *
01/08/2011 24 Coordinator *
01/08/2011 24 Coordinator *
01/08/2012 84 Coordinator *


Participants in examination boards:

Title Name Defense date Coursesort descending
ALINE DE CASTRO ZACCHE TONINI 04/12/2014 MSc in Infectious Diseases
CYNARA OLIVEIRA POSSAMAI 28/08/2012 MSc in Infectious Diseases
CAROLINE OHNESORGE MAIA 15/06/2015 MSc in Infectious Diseases
Evaluation of the virulence of Acanthamoeba isolates from clinical and environmental samples. DÉBORA DA VITÓRIA FERREIRA DE MELO 23/03/2018 MSc in Infectious Diseases
Strongyloides venezuelensis Brumpt, 1934: EVALUATION OF SOME ASPECTS OF THE INDIRECT CYCLE DEBORA GOLDNER ROSSI 17/05/2018 MSc in Infectious Diseases


Guided Students:

Name Title Defense datesort descending Role Type
JULYANA CERQUEIRA BUERY 19/03/2013 Co-advisor * MSc dissertation
MARIA AUGUSTA DARIO 06/06/2013 Co-advisor * MSc dissertation
KAMILA DA CUNHA COVRE 11/04/2014 Advisor * MSc dissertation
SARAH PERPÉTUO DE CASTRO PIRES 05/08/2015 Co-advisor * MSc dissertation
TAMIRIS CRISTINE RIBEIRO FERREIRA Toxoplasma Gondii: Isolation, Biological and Molecular Characterization of Samples from Gallus Gallus Domesticus in Rural Properties of the State of Espírito Santo, Brazil. 29/04/2016 Advisor * MSc dissertation


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